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Featured Technology: i-Cat 3D Imaging

Consistently impressive image quality is delivered through proprietary tools that create high definition, low dose scans quickly and easily every time.

Quantum iQô patented image processing technology provides smooth views of soft tissue and crisp visualization of hard tissue and bone structures for maximum detail and contrast. Quick Scan speeds scanning time to just 4.8 seconds, producing high volume images quickly with lower dose to the patient.

Tru-Panô is the industryís only, patented one-click volumetric pan that instantly yields precise and true panoramic views from 3D scans with optimal speed and accuracy.

i-PANô makes i-CAT a two-in-one system with a unique patented function that captures traditional 2D panoramic images without having to invest in two separate sensors.

i-Collimator fully restricts radiation at the x-ray source to scan only the pre-selected areas of interest and control dose to anatomy outside the field of view.

Ergonomic Stability System (ESS) is designed specifically to maximize patient stability and accuracy of the scanning process with adjustable seating controls, robust head stability and seated system design.

Explaining our advanced technology - Baton Rouge Oral and Facial Surgery & Dental Implant Center - Baton Rouge, LA
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  • We use technology to outline each dental implant procedure

Additional Tools We Use:

Digital x-rays are a more convenient way to obtain a comprehensive view of your teeth and bones. With digital x-rays, a slide is positioned in your mouth which contains a sensor. The image is captured and transmitted to a computer. Digital x-rays have taken the place of traditional film x-rays and offer you numerous benefits including less time spent at the dentist, reduced exposure to radiation, and enhanced images for improved diagnostic ability.
Enjoy the peace of mind and elite care of a hospital grade office. Our immaculate facility is furnished with the latest in dental technology and operated in a professional fashion only found in the best medical establishments.

An intraoral camera provides an accurate view into the state of your teeth and gums. With this technology, a slender, pen-sized camera is slipped into the mouth so that both you and our doctors can see underlying problems with your teeth and gums. The camera transmits images to a monitor for easy viewing. When you need a procedure to improve the health of your teeth, our doctors can explain the treatment to you with ease, using your own mouth as the model.

For many, the most unpleasant part of a visit to the dentist is the process of getting impressions. Not only are they unpleasant for the patient, they also tend to be flawed renderings of a patient’s mouth. New, state-of-the-art technology has improved the impression process, allowing dentists the ability to get an accurate model of each patient’s mouth. iTero Digital Impressions completely eliminate the need for messy putty and trays when doing impressions. These highly accurate renderings also eliminate the errors found using traditional methods as the digital impression system digitally scans a patient’s mouth and bite. These images are then transmitted to the laboratory computer so that an accurate model can be created of your mouth.

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