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Research shows that the more confident you feel about your appearance, the better you feel about yourself. When your teeth look bright and healthy you can relax and be yourself. When you are comfortable with your smile, you smile more often. The mere act of putting your mouth in the shape of a smile changes the blood flow to the brain and actually makes you feel happier.

The opposite is also true. When you feel that your teeth and your smile are not attractive it inhibits your ability to smile, simulating a feeling of constant depression. Dental implants have given millions of Americans a second chance at life by making them happier, healthier, and more confident.

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You can save time and money in the long run by choosing dental implants to replace your missing teeth. Dental implant technology has been evolving for over 50 years, making today’s teeth implants the most authentic method used for replacing a natural tooth. Drs. Leo Regan, Michael Casadaban, David Bulot, and Steven Nelson of Baton Rouge Oral and Facial Surgery & Dental Implant Center are well versed in this procedure.

Dental implants are made of three parts. A decay resistant titanium post is surgically placed in the jaw bone. Over the next three to six months, the post will fuse to the jaw bone in a process called osseointegration. The jaw bone is stabilized and preserved as the dental implant post acts like the root of a natural tooth. The abutment, or connector, piece is then attached to the post to sit atop the gum line. The third and final piece is the crown, which is secured over the abutment. This crown will look and function like a natural tooth.




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